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Poster: tgvas Date: Jun 23, 2006 6:59pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: I am hoping Bob comes to his senses and returns things to how they were

Bob only cares about the $$$, Debra only cares about the $$, they got RICH by giving the music away free, we went to their shows because of that spirit, Jerry died and the greed took control, with the excepption of Phil of course.

I vowed to never spend a dime on anything Grateful Dead the day they turned on us, and I have kept to that promise.

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Poster: iplaybassguitar30 Date: Jul 5, 2006 6:59am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: I am hoping Bob comes to his senses and returns things to how they were

thats rediculous. i agree that it sucks that the shows were taken down...but by saying that u refuse to support them because they no longer provide free music, im assuming u mean that u dont listen to the allman brothers, or jimi hendrix, or miles davis or herbie hancock or coltrane? because they didnt give u free music.

besides, what do you actually mean when u say u dont support them? does that mean your depriving yourself of the joy of listening to the music because your mad at them? thats stupid. and besides, the grateful dead were all about the music, so if you ARE listening to them, youd better stop, you wouldnt wanna support them...oh no!

sure, its a bummer that the shows arent up here anymore...but they still allow taping dont they? yes, that means that you can go back to how it was done before the internet. im only 17 and i know that, just get your lazy ass to some shows and get a tapin and a tradin

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Poster: mike65! Date: Jul 5, 2006 12:30pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: I am hoping Bob comes to his senses and returns things to how they were

No disrespect intended, but why did you find it necessary to insult forum members in your first post?

It's obvious from your comments that you don't really understand what precipitated the petition against GDM. Look in the forum archives, or do an internet search. Read the volumes of opinions in the articles generated since it happened. Keep in mind that the Archive was, IMO, forced to take the heat in a very short-sighted decision by GDM to take ALL of the Dead shows off of the site. Not just the soundboards, but the audience recordings, also. This was a shot to the heart for all of us who, with the band's permission, lovingly strived to obtain the best quality recordings possible. We did it from everywhere we could until THE BAND made a taping section for us. The only thing they wanted was for no money to be exchanged, free trades only.

Their lp's barely charted, Touch of Grey was their first bona fide radio hit (outside of a handful of FM staples), yet it was the Deadheads who kept them afloat for literally decades, going from show to show, recording them, trading them, and spreading the word. For a number of years, they were the top grossing band in the country!!! On our dime!!!

Now the Dead are unlikely to ever tour again unless the infighting stops, so we can't just bring our equipment to a show to tape them. Because Jerry is gone, their is no-one left to shine their light through the cool, Colorado rain.

In a way, many Deadheads feel that a legacy has been lost in the decision that has been made recently. I personally think that it began when GDM started having people busted in the '80's for making Steal Your Face t-shirts in their garages so that they could afford to spread the word themselves. The Dead Organization has spit upon the best free marketing machine that ever existed.

So please, remember all of the people on this forum that are older than 17 (your age) and do some homework before posting. We would rather have sincere questions than smarmy remarks.